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My workouts with Will have been very beneficial for my professional golf game. In addition, I have seen improvement with my overall strength. Will taught me a variety of exercises and variations of exercises I was already doing. Hiring Will definitely helped me accomplish all my personal fitness goals and achieve the results I was looking for.



Due to some physical limitations, I didn’t believe I could exercise. However, Will has shown me that I can exercise successfully. With Will, I have not only lost weight and gained muscle, but I have also increased my self-confidence. Will is great at determining my needs and my limitations. If I can’t do something, he comes up with an alternate solution so that I can complete the exercise. Will cares deeply about my success, and he always encourages me to do better. For the past six months, he has been there to celebrate my victories and help me through the hard times. I am very thankful for all Will has done to help me achieve my goals. I feel great, and thanks to Will, things will only get better!

SOOKIE S. | Milford, MI


I worked with Will as my personal trainer for about 30 weeks, meeting three times a week. In addition to losing 30 pounds and keeping it off, I also doubled my strength. I highly recommend Will, not only for his fitness and training knowledge but because of his abilities to inspire people at all levels to be all that they can be.



Will was an outstanding personal trainer for me! His incredible knowledge of training techniques and exercises made sure workouts never got boring, yet all the right muscle groups always got trained. Because of his extensive dietary knowledge, he was able to create a custom diet for me that he combined with the workouts to produce faster weight-loss and quicker muscle gain than I’ve ever experienced. On top of all that, Will’s enthusiasm and personal skills made workouts fun and easy to look forward to.

CHRIS CRESPI | Northville, MI


I joined Lifetime Fitness boot camp last spring. Will was the instructor of the boot camp. After boot camp, I decided to hire Will as a personal trainer for myself. I trained with Will for 3 months, 2-3 times a week. Will’s dedication, knowledge, and physical fitness motivated me to improve my fitness routine and body image. Working with him increased my physical strength and muscle development. He helped me gain more knowledge about the proper exercise routine for my body. I learned ways to achieve the best results for myself. I’ve had dramatic results and I am very happy with them. I would recommend him to anyone who is seriously considering improving body image, confidence, and overall health.



Will’s training is the best – he has a plan for each person, executes same over time, and gets results. He expects one to do “homework” and shows you what to do in gym or at home, so when the next session begins, additional progress is assured. Workouts are varied and as challenging – or more – than you want. Try him!




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